80 Best Would You Rather Questions

The thought that today is Friday is, wow! But the thought what would you do for the next two days is not yet decided. What would you do in this situation? It is better that I would give the answer for this question. Why don’t you throw a party where you can play a “would you rather” questions game that would tickle your fancy. Imagination is something that you need to spice up the game. Whatever question it may be, try to answer honestly. You would kill the fun if you try to fake it. These questions often have only two options in which you have to just say “both” or “neither”.

You can even plan to ask your friend some difficult questions and sometimes some questions may appear to be spooky. Don’t worry because this is a game that is played for fun. There are different kinds of questions for boys, girls, kids, techies and difficult questions as well. If your group consists of people from all age groups, you can try the below mentioned questions to spread fun in the air.


Would you rather questions for girls:

would you rather questions for girl

Would you rather feel comfortable wearing a push-up bra or a pointy high heels throughout the day?

Would you rather love to be a bride or bridesmaid?

Would you rather like to wear a clingy under pant throughout the day or have your lipstick on your nose?

Would you rather experience PMSing that makes you mad or have decided not to be so too much so thin-skinned?

Would you rather wear underwire bra that pokes your underarms or decided to change it?

Would you rather prefer to be fully bald or like one of your eyebrows shaved off completely?

Would you rather be asked to stop your performance on the stage or be catcalled for  not performing well?

Would you rather be always sharing everything with your friends or would you pile everything up in your mind?

Would you rather eat your own vomit or lick a dog’s feet?

Would you rather talk bad about your best friend or remain unvoiced or mute for the rest of your life?

Would you rather get a period when you hit the road on a picnic or when you a sun bath on the seashore?

Would you rather live without watching a movie or without a heartthrob throughout your life?

Would you like to be an expert in talking all languages fluently or only your mother tongue?

Would you rather dare to wear a bikini in Antartica or wear a sweater in the Sahara?

Would you rather go to jail if you were to be given a huge amount as a gift or remain poor throughout your life?

Would you rather change the world if you get powers or transform you into a different create using that power?

Would you rather like to get the smell of a rotten egg when you belch or stop eating for the coming week?

Would you rather travel back to the past to rub all mistakes you did or want to have a look at what is going to happen in the future to be cautioned against all misdoings?

Would you rather like to be a wolf or a cat for a day?

Which hot girl do you want to become-Kim Kardashian or Megan Fox?

Would you rather like to look gorgeous without any makeup or look ugly in spite of tons of it on your face?


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