Hopeless romantic doesn’t mean that you are not fit to fall in love with someone. It simply means that you love the concept of love more than the idea of falling in love. People like this will think it is worth a wait to choose the most appropriate person among all those who they meet up with. They will go on searching till they find out that one perfect person with whom they fall in love. They live in the hope of meeting and falling in love with that soul mate. Don’t you think that being a hopeless romantic a highly undesirable thing as today is the world of relationships and to some extent lovemaking?

People, these days, enjoy hanging out with people they meet at a bar for a day and forget all about them the next day. We can see some people getting hooked on to the social networking websites and exchanging words of love to kill the time. If you are stopping yourself from going for a date because that you haven’t met up with one that would be a light of your life, people will scoff at you. It may happen that you continue with the search for the ultimate one, in spite of being ridiculed by your friends and colleague. But, what are the signs that make you realize you are a hopeless romantic? Let us discuss

You may be in a relationship with a person and go for a date very often, but you don’t get the exact feeling you are expecting out of you. It appears that you don’t want to fall in for anyone means that you are a hopeless romantic. Just like a bee flies from one flower to another in search of honey, you will run after one woman to another in pursuit of a perfect lover.


1. You don’t get attracted towards red roses who are a symbol of love. The more you look at it, the more you hate it.

2. Whenever you get into a shop to find out a wonderful gift for your friend, you hate choosing the one with the word “love” imprinted on it. Just like same poles repel, this word makes you resentful and the next moment you become extremely mad.

3. Whenever your lover says something that doesn’t please your senses. You feel like you are with anyone of your friends. Her words don’t fascinate you at all.

4. Every time you meet a new girl you think she is the one for you. This shows that you will never get satisfied with the virtues a girl hold.

5. You always have a doubt about the feelings your partner has for you. That means you are not in love and are waiting to find solace in any other person whom you think will meet in the future.

6. You think that love is an essential ingredient of a perfect life.

7. You may have dumped your love or she may have done that. You continue to have faith in love no matter whatever might have happened in your life.

8. Whenever you are in a relationship, you are true to the core. You love people honestly.

9. You wish every day to be a valentines day because you can spend a lazy day at home. Being idle is what attracts you rather than being with your love.

10. You love shedding tears whenever you watch love stories. You are so carried away by emotions that you can’t hide your feelings.

11. Whenever you go for a date with your girl, you are very serious and try a lot to impress that girl. You hope to put an end to your search and bitterly fail in your attempt.

12. Every morning you dream of a girl and wait for that day when you will see her in your real life. You look at other girls and say ” She is not my kind of a girl”.

13. Whenever you go to bed at night, you fantasize about your perfect girl and you are literally caught up with amazing thoughts about her. You can hardly hear what others are talking.

14. You explore new meanings for every word in the lyrics of love songs. You understand to enjoy love from the words of the love songs.

15. You love to watch romantic films and tell your friends that you will fall in love if you ever find a girl like the heroine of that picture. While saying that also you have an intense feeling that your heroine is miles away from you.

16. Your heart skips a beat whenever you see your crush.

17. You want to break the rules that every religion has created and want to fall in love with someone your heart says is appropriate.

18. You love to go for a picnic with all your friends rather than being with a single person that is your so called love.

19. Whenever you watch superman, you feel like becoming one and help strangers who are in dire need of help. The urge to save others is more than the urge to fall in love with a girl.

20. Whenever you see someone dying in a movie, you become so sentimental that you can hardly control your feelings.

21. You become overly excited when some girl looks fixedly on you. Your aimless gaze at others also indicate that your heart doesn’t seem to accept anyone except for the one it is waiting for so long.

22. You go and check for your passwords on your computer. It may be either your name or your date of birth. This shows that you are a hopeless romantic.

23. You are normal and are very smart while talking to others. But, once you are with your girl you maintain silence and are afraid of raising voice to talk to her about something.

24. You love being alone to enjoy the beauty of the  nature or the chirping sound of the birds. You are in love with  nature and they are heart pleasing things according to you.

25. You love to be a kid again to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons. It makes you cheerful than being in the lap of your girlfriend.

26. You never get that electric shock when you meet a beautiful girl. In fact, nobody is as beautiful in the fairy tales.

27. Already you have tried many times to search for the real meaning of the feelings that you get the moment you meet someone. You get even more confused reading them.

28. You prefer to watch action movies instead of romantic movies. Anything horror or even religious would be fine with you.

29. Your mobile makes a beep sound every moment. But your heart doesn’t respond to it. You don’t die to read a message or to upload a photo you took last time you went on a date with your honey. Your status update deep inside is ” Happy being alone”.

30. You go out of the way to help your friend to couple him with someone. You try hard to give a new meaning to your friend’s romantic relationship.

If you feel any of these symptoms, you can be sure that you are a hopelessly romantic person.

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