Never Have I Ever Questions

Do you want to spice up your holiday while playing games? Then go through our list of Never have I ever questions we are going to include in the whole list of questions. You can ask funny, dirty, well, clean or even painful questions to keep up the spirit while playing games. You can also give the participants a questionnaire and ask them to answer honestly. If someone is trying to fake the answer to appear good in front of friends, there will be no fun. Tell him that it is just a joke. This is one of the awesome ways to dig deep into your friend to know him better. This way we can make the sleepover party or a holiday get together funny and interesting!

You can make your own rules and select the pattern of questions you are going to ask according to your age and taste. The rules of this game are like this. All the group members have to form a circle and sit in their respective positions. One should start saying “never have I ever….”. If what the person says is a lie,  he gets punished. For example, if a person says I never have I ever got beaten by my teacher and it happens that before two days he got beaten by his teacher, a friend can point it out and ask him to quit the game because he has lost the game. If you add the element of punishment for those who lie, this game will be very much interesting.

Dirty Never have I ever questions

Dirty Never have I ever questions

You have a group of friends who love playing pranks on others? Are they deeply interested in bringing laughter on the air by asking dirty questions to others, then here is a list of dirty questions that will make you laugh for a while?

  1. Never have I shaved my stomach.
  2. Never have I ever removed the videos that had dirty pictures of heroines from my laptop because of the fear that my mother will find it out.
  3. Never have I ever had orals without my wife’s permission.
  4. Never have I ever had ejaculated the moment I saw my pretty teacher.
  5. Never have I ran nude on a public road on a busy day to win a bet.
  6. Never have I ever asked my girlfriend to have a nookie relationship with my senior to escape from hazing.

Good never, have I ever questions

good never have i ever questions

  1. Never have I hoodwinked my friend to escape a punishment.
  2. Never have I ever felt that I am close to death and had to put in a lot of efforts to save myself.
  3. Never have ever acted as if I am the savior of two lost little children and dumped them all together, later on.
  4. Never have I ever run at the back of an animal to hunt them.
  5. Never have I ever bribed my teacher to save me from a punishment.
  6. Never have I ever had a tattoo of a devil in my arms.

Best Never have I ever questions

  1.  Never have I ever thrown stones at other’s houses just to have fun.
  2. Never have I ever lied to my lover to win her heart.
  3. Never have I ever copied in my exams to get good marks.
  4.  Never have I ever peeped into some girl’s bathroom to enjoy her beauty.
  5. Never have I ever thought of stealing to present my lady love with a costly gift.


Never Have I ever questions for Teenagers

Never Have I ever questions for Teenagers

  1. Never have I ever walked off with your friend’s pencil?
  2. Never have I ever bunked classes to go for a movie.
  3. Never have I ever peed in the classed.
  4. Never have I ever flare up with my parents to impress my neighbor’s daughter.
  5. Never have I secretly had drinks without the knowledge of my parents.


Funny never, have I ever questions

  1. Never have I swallowed a tooth when it was about to fall down.
  2. Never have I put an insect on my plate to escape paying the hotel bill.
  3. Never have I tried reading someone’s diary to pry into their life.
  4. Never have I watched someone when they were going to pee.
  5. Never have I pooped in public.


Excruciating Never have I ever questions

  1. Never have I ever accidentally stepped into my parent’s bedroom in the middle of the night.
  2. Never have I ever watched a porn video of my best friend.
  3. Never have I ever been the reason for my neighbor’s unexpected pregnancy.
  4. Never have I ever asked my friends to strip for me while having a Skype chat.
  5. Never have I ever kissed a girl in the church.
  6. Never have I ever watched my friend having sex with his girlfriend.
  7. Never have I ever kicked off a puppy from my house on a cold night.
  8. Never have I ever forced someone for sex.

Never have I ever questions for couples

Never have I ever questions for couples

  1. Never have I ever slept with my brother’s wife.
  2. Never have I ever used a candle to get sexual pleasure.
  3. Never have I lost my virginity to impress my first love.
  4. Never have I ever made a loud noise while having sex.

These are the questions you can ask to fill the air with happiness while playing a game.

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