How to Make Your Boyfriend Happy?

how to make your boyfriend happy

We all do all sorts of fantastic things to get along well with people whom we love. We find out the things they love and follow those things like a chart. But, let me tell you that finding out what they don’t like is also equally important. It helps you abstain from doing what your lover hates. This is very important for you because you have just made a perfect choice for yourself and the next step is to hold on to him till you hear wedding bells jingling all around you. There is nothing like you have to go out of the way to please him or fantasize about  him all day long. Instead, you have to be understanding that would create a positive image about you. If over exerting yourself to bring happiness in his life is not the thing you have to  do, then what is it? I will, now, give you some tips about the ways to make your boyfriend long for your presence.


Avoid being jealous

As we all know jealousy stems from insecurity. It is a clear indication that you don’t trust your partner. When you see other women approaching him or talking to him, you feel suspicious about your guy. This will infuriate your lover who has been believing in you for a long time.

This can create a negative effect on your relationship because a small crack is enough to destroy the whole relationship. This will drift you both apart beyond imagination. So avoid being so possessive. If you can’t control being possessive, at least try not to show it out. This will help you to find out whether you have chosen the right person for you. If he is not the one, leave him alone. That would benefit both of you.


Never talk bad about his mother

It might have happened that your encounter with his mother would have turned sour. Or he would have talked bad things about his own mother. Avoid saying bad things about his mother. It would have a destructive effect on your relationship. Nobody would like others talking bad about his own mother. If you really want to scold his mother keep it to yourself. Don’t express your feelings to him because he is, in fact, the wrong person to complain about a person you don’t like.


Praise him even if unnecessary

Usually, people appear to be attractive and enticing even if they don’t wear a beautiful dress or trending eyewear if you love a person truly. Whenever possible shower praises on him. This will satisfy his ego because we all feel happy when we hear we look good or what we talk is good. Tell him about what qualities in him attract you. Don’t you think you can compliment him for small acts of good deeds he does for you? If you are on the lookout for a good job for you and he helps you to find out one, you can tell him you feel so happy about that.

There is something called small acts of happiness like throwing him a lovely look or smile whenever you feel like doing, or give him a bear hug every day when you first see him. These things will further strengthen the bond and make both of you happy.


Keep up your word

If you really want him to get a feeling that your love is true, never retract your words. Keep up your promise. If you have told him that you will meet at a particular place at a particular time, go there at the time you told him that you will meet. Never make him wait. It will create a feeling that you are not serious about the relationship. In short, do all the things that will deepen the trust he has for you.


Never restrict him on anything

Never put the clamps on your guy that makes him feel so suffocated in a relationship. Never say that he should not talk to girls because you feel so jealous. Let him free. Let him enjoy his life. You also enjoy your life. If his feeling for you is really true, he will come to for sure. Being bossy is something which nobody likes. Isn’t it? Remember, the only one secret of a successful relationship is equality. The second and the third one being equality and equality …


Always talk positively about his friends

There is nothing unusual for a girl to hate her boyfriend’s friend. If you don’t like his friends, don’t talk ill of that person. It is possible that his friend would have supported him a lot even before you came into his life. If he feels irritated about the fact that he has to choose between you and his friend, it is possible that there will be an untimely death of your love relationship. So never talk bad about your lover’s friend even if he is talking bad about his friend.


Never lie to anyone in front of him

The lie has been just like another contagious disease that spoils a relationship. If he sees you often lying to your kith and kin or even your best friends, he will think that what all you say to him are also lies. He will think that you are faking the relationship.


Don’t give him a feeling that you are insecure

Will you like someone saying that he is not feeling secure when you are around him? Just like that if you overreact and make him feel that you are insecure because of him, he will be infuriated. So be calm and composed if you want to be happy in a relationship.


In short, these are the things we can do to keep up a relationship. We have to be matured enough to maintain a relationship. You can never be commanding or bossy to make him feel that you love him. It is very hard to read the mind of a man. But, there are some common things that we can avoid doing to nurture an amazing relationship.

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