I Hate My Life What Should I Do?

i hate my life

It is quite common for all to experience that life is unjust to us. I would be saying I love my life and suddenly life takes an unexpected turn whereby I will be forced to say I hate my life. The life which was once sweet with you would appear to be nothing but a dirty dream. The main reason for this situation is none but you. Everyone has a personality distinct from others. When you try to imitate others, we will be under immense pressure and confusion. Moreover, if we try to realize the dreams of someone else, we will be doomed. Always listen to your inner voice. Nothing wrong in being all ears to other’s advice. But, do only what your mind is asking you to do.

It has a big contagion effect resulting in social rejection by people who once surrounded you and were the reason for  your happiness. At this stage, we have to find out ways to filter away all the negative thoughts in us. The first thing we have to do is to make our inner voice listen to us. We have to search for solutions for the root cause of this problem. If your mind is telling you are useless and have to kill yourself, explore ways to reinvent yourself from there. Make this powerful foe listen to you by befriending him. Just hit it off with him by creating self-compassion to yourself.

There are many numbers of ways to fall in love with you when you think you have started hating yourself. Is there any way to which I can be resilient? If yes, What are they?

Practice mind exercise or Yoga

If there is a single medicine for all mental diseases, that is Yoga. Stop thinking about all destructive things, and submit yourself to God. Practice Yoga daily for at least 10-15 minutes. It is an excellent way to forget all about what happened in your life. Make yourself understand that these are all temporary woes that will disappear within the passage of time. Practicing mindfulness will help you by bringing about a positive balance in your life. Don’t be judgmental about what all are happening in your life.Just let it go. Thus, you can bring about a favorable condition where you live every moment with hope and restored peace and joy.


Say NO to negative triggers

The worst parasite that preys on us are, perhaps, those negative triggers that pull us down every time we want to recreate some hope in our lives. The first thing you have to do is to kill these negative triggers before they kill us. Filter out the self-destructive thoughts and fill your heart with self-tolerance. If the jealous fact inside you grows because of the obsessive comparison disorder, stop checking updates of your friends. Deactivate your Facebook or any other social networking profile for some time.


Overpower your inner voice

You have to dethrone the evil that has captured you. Drive out all negative thoughts the moment it tries to attack you. Be resilient to your own inner voice that continually sends negative triggers. Stay away from the feelings that develop distrust and self-denial in you. Practice voice therapy to redeem you.


Spend quality time with people you love happy family

Be with people who are concerned about your welfare. It is not necessary that you spend time with your dad, mom or your siblings. It can be your friends who can really be a bridge to cross the difficult stage in your life. Hanging out with friends will help you forget the wounds of the past. If possible share your experiences with your best friend. He will be of some help. Who knows?


Identify your mental power

Try to find  your real inner power. The moment you realize your strengths, you will discover ways to be mentally strong. You are amazingly stronger than you have ever thought. The main problem lies in identifying your own strengths and weaknesses.  Learn from your negative experiences. But never lose hope.


Search for helping hands around you

Imagine whatever happens to you, there are people who are fair and want to help us no matter in whatever situation you may be. Find out those organizations and therapists who deal with people who are crestfallen. Don’t feel shy because you are getting treated by a therapist. He will be knowing the ropes to restore your happiness within no time. Many organizations are there in the US that will help people get rid of suicidal ideation. Help is available and it is just a click away. Organizations like National suicide prevention Lifeline, are one among them whom you can always call and seek assistance. You can visit the samaritans.org website to seek their advice.


Sleep a lot

girl sleeping It is quite natural that you want to sleep a lot to escape from your problems when you feel life isn’t fair with you. Nothing wrong. Sleep a lot and it would help you relax. You are likely to become cantankerous. So remember the old saying, early to bed, early to rise. Follow the first part of it. Be early to bed. But, get up late.  Getting a lot of sleep will help you come out of your problems easily.


Jot down what you feel

This is also one of the best ways to throw out all the negative things out of us. Just list down what are the things that make you sad. Believe me, this is the best way to come out of grief or suicidal triggers.


Systematize yourself

This doesn’t simply mean decluttering your room or even your house. It involves decluttering your mind as well.  Bring about some new rules and regulations for your life. This will help you a lot by infusing fresh things in your life.

In short, realize that if you start hating your life, killing yourself is not the only remedy you have. Instead, hunt for ways to help yourself to be cheerful. Follow some of the above-mentioned steps to lead a happy life.

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