How To Tell If A Girl Likes You

Love is a wonderful feeling that expresses itself even if someone tries to hide it. It is not that three magical words that can do the wonder. Usually, if a girl loves a man, she tries to hide it until the time it comes out completely in the form of I Love You. If this is the explicit form of showing it out, there are certain innate signs that tell she loves you. Dudes like to flirt, eat and maybe, like to have some sex. This way, they are easier to understand than girls.

how to tell if a girl likes you body language

It is not only these things the guys are really crazy about, but also, of late, they are in front of the computer to chat, follow his chicks on the Facebook. They are so much obsessed with the social media that they hardly get any time to think about any other things in the world. When the girls  start loving they can’t sit idly. They go on giving a tinge of positive signs that would help you reach the final conclusion that they love you.

What are the hints that would certainly mean that a girl loves you? Read on,

how to tell if a girl likes you

Her enthusiasm to talk to you

If she feels happy and has a positive approach towards you, she is interested in you. Whenever she starts talking to you, time flies. Both of you don’t realize that minutes, hours have passed since you have started talking. If she is on tender hooks, allow her to cool down. Talk things that will make her feel comfortable. Give her some time to catch up.

Instead, if she is silent or in a hurry to move, it is a clear sign that she is not interested in you. If her attention is deviated or scattered, the reason is she doesn’t love you.


She starts to laugh when she feels you are funny

If she starts laughing when you crack jokes, that means that she likes you. She need not go too far laughing at whatever you say. That signifies that she is an airhead. She thinks you are interesting and starts giggling to the extent she feels like leaving then and there can also help you know the fact. Generally, people will laugh because they feel whatever their love tells is wonderful and witty.


She feels shy when you look at her

This may happen because she thinks you have caught her red handed. She had been looking at you for some time and doesn’t want to come and tell her love first. She expects you to open up. If you have been to a party and someone goes on noticing you without taking her eyes off as if she wants you to tell a “Hi” or “hello” is a similar signal that she wants to start a relationship with you.


She will make you feel her presence

If she likes you she would like to make you know that she is near you. Women who are daring will come and tell you the real intention. But, women who are timid, will talk loudly, or walk from here and there in front of you to let you know that she is there. When you are in one group, she will join the group initiating a conversation, but remains silent for the rest of the time. Sometimes, if she is singing or dancing, she immediately stops when she sees you coming inside the room, also  means she likes you.

how to tell if a girl likes you

Watch her body language

If she sits facing you, it means that she wants to look at you and is definitely interested in you. She may sit with legs crossed and if her legs are turned towards you, it is a positive sign, If she sits with her back facing you or her attention is diverted to some other thing or direction while talking, it is not going to do any good to you. Whenever someone likes a person, his or her full attention will be on the person who is talking. If not, it is the time for you to take a leave.


If she unnecessarily touches you

Often people like to hold the person’s hand they like. For example, a mother will hold her daughter’s hand or her son’s hand, a child will rub her shoulders against her fathers when she feels nervous and needs a support. Similarly, the girl will try to touch you even without any reason when she feels interested in you. She will try to hold your hands when she feels unsafe and when she wants to feel secure. Whenever you crack some jokes, she most often, brushes her hands against yours, to express her happiness and love to you. While talking, she tries to remove smidgen of dust from your hand or chest, it means she loves to touch you.


On the contrary, if she doesn’t touch you even once that is a clear indication that the person she is searching for is not you. If you really want to know her inner feelings, why don’t you touch her and see what happens? If she doesn’t respond that means she likes you, but is very much nervous to hold your hands. If she is bent out of shape, understand that you have to search for another girl!


how to tell if a girl likes you

She intentionally hugs you many times

If a girl without any reason hugs you every time, it means she is happy to be with you all the time. If she doesn’t get a chance, she creates one. If you really want to love her, give her a bear hug. Otherwise, stay away from her the next time when she is going to give you a hug. She hugs you often because she feels shy to open up,  but wants you to understand the love buried deep inside her heart. It is an implicit indication of the love that she has for you. Hugging a person rarely is the symbol of friendship. Don’t misunderstand and lose a valuable friendship forever.


If she licks her lips?

It is a clear indication of hidden love to you. She may get excited if she receives a kiss from you. The hotter she is, the greater are the chances that you will be her next lover. She would be imagining herself getting a hot liplock from you that she is licking her lips. It may also happen that she is worried because her lips may get dried up also makes her do like that. First, follow her eyes and lips before you proceed to snag her to brush your lips against hers. After all, Smacking a girl means a lot for them!


She is very possessive

It is quite usual for a girl to be jealous of someone with whom her boyfriend talks all the time. You can understand this from the way she rises up against it. If she stays cool, you should understand that she is only fit to be your friend. But, let me caution you that if you overdo flirting with other girls, she will go away from you, permanently. It will lead to breaking her trust she has and it is difficult to get her back.


She tries to reveal her love through her friends

If her friends giggle when they see you, that means that they are trying to make fun of you because you have stolen their friend’s heart. This simply means that they are trying to poke fun to make you aware of the fact that their friend loves you. Other signs are when one of her friends tried to talk to you, she tries to stop her out of the fear that her friend might say that to you. If one of her friends comes to you and tells you that she wants to know whether you like her, is also one of the signs that you should stop making wild guesses and go to her and say I Love you.


how to tell if a girl likes you

If she surprises you with wishes

If she is really interested in you, she will try to wish you on her birthday or wish your parents on their anniversary. Ultimately, she is giving an indirect clue that she is crazy about you. We collect information about someone or try to be part of someone’s happiness when we try to make them our own. If she has taken some pain to know a lot about you, that means it is a green signal. Then, what are you waiting for? Give her a red rose and say those three magical words the very next time you meet her. She would have waited for a long time that such a thing should really happen.


Watch carefully what she wears

If a girl has fallen for you, she would like to wear awesome attire to impress you. Next time just look at what she is wearing. If she is wearing a low neckline or plunging dress, it means she has fallen head over heals for you. If she is wearing a Jackie O kind of dress also means that she is deeply interested in you. She never misses any chance to present herself attractive when she has some bottled up feelings for you. If you also like her just tell her that she looks pretty or awesome. She will be on cloud nine when she hears it.


She unnecessarily compliments you

Even if you have worn normal dresses, she tells you that you look very handsome, it means that she has a good opinion about you and wants to fall in love with you. Understand her subtle clues carefully if you want to start a lovely relationship with her.


how to tell if a girl likes you

She tries to talk through social media

If a girl gives hidden clues of her unrevealed love to you when you meet her and on the top of it, gives a friend request on Facebook, accept the friend request at once. We never know, she may feel good to express her love when you are not near her. This mainly happens when she loves you deeply and fear of getting rejected by you constantly disturbs her driving of her courage to express it on your face.


She finds some lame excuse to see and be with you

If she doesn’t stop talking to you even after the class, if she had sent a friend request on Facebook or Twitter just to talk to you more, are some of the ways to express love. She likes you deeply and wants to hold your hands forever. If you also want to hold her hands, then reciprocate her actions with a positive response. This would put a stop to all your confusions until the end of time.


She tells you she is sick

When a girl is in love, she would try to tell that she is in some trouble or the other. If she tells that she is having trouble understanding a particular subject, that means that she wants to go on talking to you. It doesn’t mean that she doesn’t understand the subject. Instead, she has chosen a topic to talk to you for some extra time. If you both are walking in the rain and she says she is feeling sick because it is cold out there, it means that she is trying to test you. She simply wants to see your reaction. If you really want to love her back, give your sweater to her. This would have a wonderful ending as we see in some of the movies.

In short, there are a number of ways to tell whether a girl is in love with you or not. If she is really courageous and doesn’t mind the way you receive her message, she will make a move forward, come to you to say I Love You, openly. Otherwise, you should understand her feelings and hit on towards her with steamy looks and maybe some kisses. That would do the magic for you. Don’t understand friendly intentions for innuendoes. You would feel bad for losing a precious relationship!

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