10 Signs a Guy Likes You, But Is Trying Not to Show It

Some guys love very deeply. They are very true to their hearts and the girl they love. But, still, they hesitate to show it out. Even if it is the case, their body language clearly sends signals that they are in deep love with you. It is highly essential for us to know the body language to clearly understand what he is trying to tell through his hidden heart. Perhaps, he may think that it is not  for a man to open up and tell his love to his lady love. He may hang out very near to you, but at the same time appear to be out of reach for you to confirm his love. Do his eyes tell stories of love? What could be done to stop suspecting your love and to confirm that he really loves you? Is there a way out? If, yes, what is it? Read on

Signs a guy likes you

He tries to remember even minutest detail about you

If you feel that he takes so much pain to remember your birthday or the fact that you love teddy bears a lot and gets you one on your birthday, it is a clear sign that he loves you but is waiting to make use of an opportunity to express it. Do you think that someone will make so much effort to remember your personal interests if he like you only as a friend? He is continually on the quest for a suitable situation to say those three magical words to you!


He is near but far away from you

 He may be just behind you or even near you. But, doesn’t talk to you. He wants to feel your presence at the same time want you to feel his presence. He comes out of the way to say hello to you, means he is in love with you. He attractively throws a look at you, but doesn’t give in by proposing you. This definitely shows that he is madly in love with you.


He is near you during your monthly cycle

This is the time when almost all the guys want to be away from the girls. The main reason is that we already will be under pressure due to menstrual pain. They are most likely to mess up of they try to play any prank on us. In spite of this fact, if he still wants to spend a nice time with you, that means that he loves you. How nice  would it be to get a pain killer tablet or chocolate at the time of pain and irritating period?


Wow! He is amazingly clean

It is a fact that guys are not that neat and tidy naturally. Their room will be so cluttered that we don’t even feel like entering that place. But, if he has invited you to his place and you find the place impressively and amazingly clean, then it is for sure that he is interested in you. Moreover, if he is very handsome with neat attire, well-showered or amply doused with water, probably, he is trying to impress you with his clean body and a pure heart.


Regular gifts-  a clear sign of love

Signs a guy likes you but is trying not to show

If he showers you with gifts every now and then, he is surely in love with you. Even if he gives small, but amazing gifts like your favorite chocolates, novels written by your best-loved authors, you can confirm his feelings for you. If this is not love, then what is it?


He talks to your friend by saying” My friend:”

If he calls your friend by saying ” Anne-My friend,” he is clearly pointing out that he is not at all interested in anyone else other than you. It is an indirect indication that you have conquered his heart and no one else.  You and only you are his heart throb. Be happy if you see such signs in a guy in whom you are also interested.


He doesn’t like you hanging out with his friend

 Usually, guys try to connect with their love through their friends. It is easy because one can get to know the girl through his own friend. It would be a lovely experience for not only the guy, but also for the girl. Instead, he talks to you patiently to prevent you from dating his friend, means he is interested in you for sure.


He shares all the things with you

 He thinks that you are his soul mate and shares everything with you clearly shows that he is deeply interested in you. No guy will share secrets until and unless he thinks that you are worthy enough to open up. This is another sign that he is there for you.


He is always dying to stare at you

Guy staring at a girl

When you have found out that he always want to stare at you, this is a subtle, but clear sign that he wants to win over you. Giving a lovely stare or always looking at you happens when he can’t resist looking at you. It is really awesome to see someone looking at you, but still manages to pretend that he wasn’t. Isn’t it?


He says yes at least 10 times a day

  If he willingly accepts what all you say, it means that he is interested in you.


He is digging deep to find out even minutest details

 If he is not concerned with small details about you, then he is not that much interested in you. He may be a good friend of yours. Instead, if he wants to know about your family, what you do in your free time, Etc, he is definitely in love with you.

There are many other ways to explore his hidden love for you. But, these are the most common methods to cross check whether he is interested in you. Does it happen to you also? Then don’t doubt, be prepared to say YES the moment he starts expressing his love to you.

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