80 Best Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather questions for boys

Would you rather questions for boys

Would you like to be deaf or a gay guy?

Would you like to be sexy or attractive?

Would you like to date with more than one girl or have an ugly wife?

Would you like to cheat others and be a millionaire or remain poor being honest?

Would you rather kneel down and walk the rest of life or be lame lifelong?

Would you rather like to be 4ft or 8Ft tall?

Would you rather like to be very attractive and short or be very tall but look ugly?

Would you rather marry a beautiful girl with no money or an ugly girl who is filthy rich?

Would you like to trim down doing exercise or want to eat sparingly to remain thin?

Would you rather be thin built and be Tarzan or be chubby and weak?

Would you rather work hard to win your love or like to get a windfall and marry a rich girl?

Would you like to PM dirty messages to your lover or like to call her and tell the words of your heart?

Would you rather slog a lot in the job you don’t like or leave it and so a job of your choice?

Would you like to remain young and dumb or old and wise?

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