7 Ways to Stay Focused When Working From Home

This is an era where we can hear about job loss or layoff. Work from home is really a blessing in disguise that helps people to earn till they can find a regular office job. Moreover, women with kids can work from home till they can go to an office and work comfortably. It is undoubtedly one of the awesome ways to earn a decent amount of money.But is working from home devoid of any disadvantages? No. It is quite easy for people who work from home to get distracted as they are not in a regular work environment.

As a result, their billable hours are reduced, resulting in a lower income for them. Moreover, you get demotivated very soon as you are staying in an environment that constantly reminds them of personal responsibilities. It will have a serious impact on your productivity because the more you work, the more you earn.I am also one among those people and know how difficult it is to stay focused. Every day  I wake up, do work at home, get my kids ready for the school and as I sit to write I am left terribly alone.

It is a weird feeling more than anyone could imagine. So I can very well understand your concern as a freelancer. I am waiting to share the secrets I have explored from my personal experience to stay focused, despite the fact that I work from home.Take a compulsory break: When you work constantly, your energy level will fall. You will start feeling demotivated. So try to take 17 to 20 minutes break after 1 hour. This is not a hard and fast rule. You can take such a break every 45-50 minutes too. Take a break and have a cup of tea. This will help you recharge yourself.

Encourage yourself by giving gifts

Encourage yourself by giving gifts

Motivate yourself by saying that you will prepare yourself a tasty cup of tea or gift a pair of earrings if you complete a particular work on time.Gifting is a wonderful way to keep ourselves motivated. Gifting really works wonders because I, at times, promise myself a yummy cup of tea or even pearl jewels to stay motivated.

Exercise regularly

Stay Focused When Working From Home

Do yoga or physical exercises to improve productivity. It is always better to exercise before you start to do the work. This will help you work more effectively.Set your own deadlines: It is a surprising fact that when you work with deadlines, productivity increases. So, even if your client has asked you to submit a project within 2 days, you fix it for one day. This way you can work effectively and on time.

Go to some other place and work

When you work from home there is a limit up to which you can concentrate. At the same time, if you work from some place like a shared workspace, you can leave your personal problems and worries at home and can concentrate on your work better.

Don’t wear casual clothes while at work

The clothes we put on have an impact on the work we do. If you wear your night pajamas and work, you will surely get distracted. Our brain will get accustomed to the clothes we wear and start to send impulses relating to that.

You should have a dedicated home office

home office

The space you allocate for your home office may be small, but keep it organized and have the look of a regular office. Whenever you sit to do work you should get a feeling that you are there for some kind of serious work. The space you allocate for your home office may be small, but keep it organized and have the look of a regular office. Whenever you sit to do work you should get a feeling that you are there for some kind of serious work.

These are the 7 awesome ways to stay focused when working from home.

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