17 Things to do this New Year

One whole year has passed by quietly and it is soon going to be 2017. We have many things to get rid of and many things to start. Look at your diary to find out what all you have jotted down. There may be some of your habits you should get rid of. There may be some you should add on to the to-do-list. Before starting to do more complicated work, shall we discuss something about what are the fun things we are going to do on new year’s eve? Read on.

New year party

1. Watch an awesome family relationship movie on new year’s eve.

2. Call your friends home and let each one cook your best dishes and enjoy eating together.

3. Arrange for a pamper party at your home. Enjoy massage and beauty treatments and pamper yourself royally.

4. Go with your boyfriend for a night away to the best hotel in your city.

5. If you want to stay indoors on that day declutter your house and make it spic and span.

6. Go to a nearby furniture store and buy a new sofa for you and dispose of the old one you have long thought to get rid of.

7. You can have a BYOA party. You can ask your guests to bring COKE or PEPSI (whichever they prefer). They can bring anything that is a cheap and easy appetizer to enjoy the night.

8. If you have invited a lot of friends to your home, you can have fun games such as writing on a piece of paper predictions about others. After dinner is over, the fun can start by taking turns to pick one paper from the bowl and reading it aloud. What a fantastic way to enjoy indeed!

9. If you get free restaurant coupons, you can use it that day to go for a candle light dinner with your boyfriend.

10. If you are a foodie, have starters in one restaurant, main course in another and have an ice cream in some other restaurant. If possible, try to stay in a five-star hotel to celebrate your new year in a great way.

11. Bake a new year cake and try to present some cakes to your clients to surprise them.e

12. Why don’t you invent a new drink all by yourself? I am sure your family would love it!

13. Book a ticket to Switzerland- The Heaven on Earth and enjoy the Alps, music festivals and gorgeous lakes there! Hit the road and turn your legs on for an interesting journey!

14. Build a Noah’s Arc in your living room or hallway.

15. Take a membership in the nearest Gym you wanted to go, but never got time. Take a pledge to stay fit this year.

16. Why don’t you make an album of all the photos you took last year on your mobile? Don’t allow those memories to fade to dust. Cherish them in a photo album!

17. Do you think a charity is an important part of your life? Then open your wardrobe and donate all your attires that have become old. This is the time to feel the love of God in a poor kid’s smile!


These are the awesome things you can do in the new year.

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