How To Make Yourself Sick

How to make yourself sick

What would happen if today is a Monday and you still need another day’s rest from work? You feel as if staying at home for one more day pretending to be sick would boost you mentally and physically. Or you haven’t done your homework and want to escape punishment? Don’t break your head so much to feel exhausted. Here are some of the tips to help you fake sickness without putting in too much effort.


Faking Vomiting

faking vomiting

Isn’t it the oldest method to fake a sickness? If you want to show that you are sick, you should start showing symptoms the day before you are planning to truant. Hmm, what a good reason to bunk classes indeed! All you have to do is to collect all leftovers of the previous day dinner or even lunch and start chewing to throw up once your morning breakfast is over. Your parents will think that you are unwell and ask you to be at home for one day.

Have you heard that adding lemon juice to milk will spoil it instantly? You add a few drops of lemon juice extract to the milk and wait for five minutes. Then vomit it wash basin to make others feel that you are too sick to go to school or work.Also, try putting your finger in your mouth till it reaches your Palatine uvula to throw all the food you ate a few minutes back. Or drink mustard water to vomit even before you think you are going to do it. The dirty taste and smell of mustard will make everything happen the moment you start drinking it.


If regurgitating doesn’t appear to be a good idea for you, then try the following other ideas like faking fever, running nose Etc


Faking a fever

It is also one among the methods to make excuses to absent yourself from school. But, you should be cautious enough not to overdo it which would otherwise have opposite effects. If you overdo it, you would have to unnecessarily consult a doctor to restore your health. You can appear as if you have a fever with simply sweating a lot. But, how to sweat a lot? Run hurriedly from one corner of your room to another or even from one room to another without anyone noticing you.

Is sweating a little more enough to fake a fever? How would it be if you keep some ice cubes under your arms to shiver naturally? This would do the job itself and make your parents ask you to get a day’s rest by avoiding to go to school. What a great idea, isn’t it?


Faking Cough

faking cough

If you want to fake a cough you have to do some strenuous job the day before you want to show that you have a cough. Then take a cool drink to bring down the temperature suddenly.

This would absolutely do wonder by making you cough for a long time. Cough a little in front of your parents and you need no other excuse to bunk your class for a day. If you are a working person and want to get a leave, go in front of your boss and cough for some time. He will, for sure, give you a day’s




If you want to make others feel that you have soreness in your voice you have to shout at the top of your voice the day before you want to get a sore throat. Go out and watch football or cricket in a stadium. Make excited voices to cheer up those who are playing. Tell your parents or boss that you feel pain while gulping down your food. Don’t you think this is enough to make your parents end up telling you not to go to school?


Faking Cold

faking cold

You Start complaining about the cold a day before you want to get a genuine reason to avoid being at school. Tell people around you that you feel very tired and have a terrible headache.Usually, people who have a cold will get a bad headache too. Try to be in bed quite unusually early to make others think you are not really acting. Try sleeping with onion in your armpit. You will get fever naturally. Or get up early in the morning and take a head bath in cold water. You will get a runny nose. You then rush to your parents to tell that you have nasal congestion, that’s it. You can hit your bed with a pillow over your head and try to get sleep to your heart’s content.


No appetite for food

Do you think a hunger strike would do the work for you? Of course, it will. Just act as if you don’t have an appetite for food for a day. No harm in starving one time a day. This would get you closer to your plan of faking a sickness to shrug the responsibility of going to school. If you can’t avoid eating, then rush to your room and nibble some snacks to cheat your stomach that you have had enough food.


Faking headache

faking headache

This is, perhaps, the easiest way to show others that you are unfit to go to school or office. You don’t need to show any symptom to show others that you are not really telling a lie. Just show a shrunken face and some sensitivity to light, your job is over. Nobody would like to check whether you genuinely have a headache. But, be sure you act naturally to make everyone believe that your head is breaking out of pain.


In short, you can make yourself sick by faking cough, headache, fever or vomiting. Before doing these things remember not to do it frequently to really get a headache or a cold. Otherwise, you would have to be taken to a doctor to get treated for sickness. Playing tricks won’t work all the time. You should not try doing it every time you want to skip doing your homework or because of the fact that you hate your boss.


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