7 Ways to Find Your Passion in 2017

How to find your passion in 2017

We all love to follow our heart when it comes to deciding our future course of action after reaching a certain year of age. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t dream of accomplishing great things in life. A life lived without any passion or dream is a life wasted. This passion will be your” raison d’etre” or the purpose of existence. This will be your guiding light that will take you to the heights.

If you don’t find your passion this year, you will live a life of regret. So what are you waiting for? Here are 7 ways to find your passion this year.

How to find your passion in 2017

Dig deep to find out the passion in you

Why don’t you do introspection and dig deep into yourself? This will help you to remind yourself of the things you were fond of doing in your childhood. The things you used to get compliments from the people who are near and dear to you. Jot down all those things. You will get a direction as to what to do from that list.


Check your reading habits

Perhaps, you will get some idea from reviewing your reading habits. Whether you love detective stories, romance novels or detective novels or even science fiction books.


Check your hobbies

Understand the way you spend your time during your free time. Do you love spending your time with your friends or family members? Do you love hiking or helping people?


Seek help from others

You have a short discussion with your family members or colleagues to help you discover yourself. Ask them questions what they like in you the most. It is quite natural that your family members will give a totally different answer than your friends or colleagues. This way you can realize your intelligence and channelize it towards your abilities.


What trait are you proud of yourself

Whether you like your generosity very much or working hard for completing your task is the thing that makes you love yourself. This will help you to find out your passion in life.


Make a list of those you admire

Make a list of all those you admire. Write the quality you like in them. You will succeed in finding out the voice of your heart. You can get a clue as to what is your passion in life.


Ask yourself a few questions

Imagine there is no such thing called money or currency. You no longer have a money crunch because this costly paper is no more needed to get you anything. What do you love to do the most? How would you like to spend your day? What would give you utmost satisfaction? If you get answers to these questions, you have found out your passion.

If you try doing any of the above mentioned things you can reach your aim of finding out your passion for 2017. If you have decided to achieve something in life, it will usher you to success. You need not follow the example of others to take you towards your aim in life. It is inside you. Do some research. It will unveil in front of you, but of course, you have put in some efforts!


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