60 Nice & Cute Things To Say To Your Boyfriend

cute thing to say to your boyfriend

It is always nice to say good things to your beloved people because it will make them happy for at least some time. There are many ways to keep your boyfriend happy by simply saying things which he would love to hear from you. Knowing the ways to keep him cheerful is the first step to strengthen your bond to play safe. It is not completely true that women can only be seduced by sweet words. Men also fall prey for the sweet words. Such is the power of words that triggers different kinds of emotions in humans. Love is a plant that needs to be watered regularly to bear sweet fruits. Similarly, love also needs to be watered to grow stronger and healthier day after day.

Of late, mobile has become the medium for expressing love. Lovers keep on texting day in and day out. There are many cute things that you can send through a mobile phone. Let us see what are the things that can be expressed through the mobile phones

sweet thing to say to your boyfriend

37 Sweet & Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

  1. You drive me up because you are really handsome.
  2. My heart skips a beat when I see you.
  3. I feel really secure in your presence.
  4. I love being garlanded by your hands.
  5. Feel my presence when you read my message
  6. I can’t wait to hear the wedding bells.
  7. There can be nothing more important to me than you.
  8. Hope our love lasts for a lifetime.
  9. You are as sweet as honey.
  10. Where and when can we meet next?
  11. I love sleeping because you come in my dreams.
  12. My life has been good so far, it is better the moment you came into my life.
  13. I am waiting to give you a bear hug.
  14. Minutes become hours when you are away.So come near me to shorten the distance between us.
  15. You stole my heart even before I knew about that and the punishment for that is life imprisonment in my arms.
  16. I can say 1000 reasons why I like you, but can’t say even one to stay away from you.
  17. How would you feel if I don’t get up tomorrow?
  18. If an angel appears to me and asks me what I want, the first thing I would ask for is YOU.
  19. The more I get closer to you, the more I get attracted to you.
  20. If my stars are lucky and say I will get a fortune, that is you and nothing else.
  21. I forget the world when you hold me in your arms.
  22. I love the way you take a quick peek at me.
  23. I feel my life is complete the day you marry me.
  24. I feel I am blessed because I got you.
  25. Your knowledge about things is amazing.
  26. I love to fantasize about you.
  27. Even when I am completely drained, your sweet smile makes me forget my worries.
  28. I will be with you till my last breath whatever bad happens in our life.
  29. I will be crestfallen if I see you dating with some other girl.
  30. You are a magnet that attracts me all the time
  31. Think about me and me only when you read my text message.
  32. My heart will stop functioning if I stop thinking about you!
  33. You are the sun whose light makes me shine brightly.
  34. You are like chocolate and I love to eat it.
  35. Dying to see you again
  36. Sending lots of love and kisses along with this message.
  37. Sweet night to you, sweetheart!


nice thing to say to your boyfriend

While these are the things he can read and get impressed, there are some other things that you can tell him when he is near you.

26 Nice Things To Say To Your Boyfriend When He’s Near

  1. You are a gentleman any girl would love to be with.
  2. Your gifts make me extremely happy and delightful
  3. You lift up my spirits whenever I am down.
  4. You have a good sense of humor.
  5. You take care of me more than my parents do.
  6. You are an expert in giving beautiful gifts.
  7. The way you work towards achieving your dreams is impressive.
  8. It is not only the looks, but also the squares of muscles drive me crazy.
  9. I can’t help thinking about you so much that I have started forgetting my things.
  10. My friends were thinking I brag about you a lot.It stopped the moment they saw you.
  11. You look like cupid whenever you wear your white T-shirt.
  12. You would be the first thing I would save if the world is going to end and I have to keep one thing with me.
  13. I look forward to the day we go on our first date.
  14. It will be a wonderful day when you will be in my arms.
  15. I would love to get you as my sweetheart, even in my next birth if there is one!
  16. I love you honestly and would wait a lifetime to make you mine.
  17. Even at my first encounter with you, I decided that you are the first and last man in my life.
  18. Believe me, you are the best among the guys I have ever met.
  19. You are my hero and I am your heroine.
  20. Thank you for being with me always when my soul sucks.
  21. I love all the gifts you gave me because you know the trick to select the perfect one for me!
  22. You are so witty and that cracks me up!
  23. Every time you hug me, it lightens up my spirits!
  24. Your smell tickles me up every time you stand near me. So can I expect to hug you tonight?
  25. You are my Eros and I am your Aphrodite.
  26. Your good looks make my friends jealous of me.

These are the many things that you can say to your boyfriend to make him happy.



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