Best Substitute for Heavy Cream

Heavy cream or whipping cream is cream that has 30% milk fat content. Professional chefs use this high fat content milk cream and it, is used as an ingredient in preparing many food items. It can be used in our kitchen to make many yummy foods. They are added in cakes, sauces, pastries and beverages. They can’t be stored in normal conditions in a home refrigerator. They are to be ultra pasteurized before making it fit to be kept in a refrigerator. The reason why we use cold cream is that unless it is cool we can’t use it for whipping.

People usually look for substitutes for whipping cream because they sometimes have, more than 36% of fat content which is very bad for health. If you are out of stock while making one of your favorite recipes, don’t worry, just read this. You will get an awesome substitute for heavy cream.

The one thing you have to keep in mind before choosing the correct substitute is that these substitutes will not whip like heavy cream. Milk and butter: The best and the first thing that comes to our mind when we want to prepare a substitute for heavy cream is a recipe made using milk and butter. Take 3/4 cup of milk and add 1/3 butter that is without salt to it. Your healthy substitute is ready. But before using it in the ingredient, add some flour to it to make it thicker in case you are using skimmed milk. All that you have to do is to melt the butter and allow it to cool. Then slowly mix the melted butter Half: Half and half is a blend of milk and light cream. It is thicker than milk, but not as thick as heavy cream. People love to have coffee with thick milk and it is the reason why people prefer half and half to enjoy a good and strong coffee. It is because of the same reason people use half and half instead of heavy cream to bake a cake or pastries. They are mixed while preparing cocktails and ice cream.

with milk. You have to make it again or let it cool.

Your wonderful heavy cream substitute is ready!Half and

Substitute for heavy cream

  1. Low fat cream cheese:
  2.  If you want to use heavy cream as an ingredient, you can use low fat cream cheese instead of heavy cream. Don’t forget to use only half the quantity of cheese otherwise it would be very heavy.
  3. Skim milk and Corn starch: There is a good news for those who use skim milk because they can use this to prepare an ingredient that can be used instead of heavy cream.  If you want to make it thicker, you have to add cornstarch to it. Now, your wonderful substitute is ready!
  4. Tofu with soy milk: How would it be if you mix Tofu with soy milk to make a substitute for cream? Wow! What a wonderful substitute for heavy cream? Isn’t it? We will understand how to prepare it? This is a superb vegetarian at the same time low- fat substitute for heavy cream. Mix tofu with soy milk and use it instead of whipping cream. You will definitely thank me for introducing this to you!
  5. Greek Yogurt: Wondering what it is, isn’t it? Is it a low- fat yogurt? Certainly not! It is also one kind of Yogurt with one difference that it has low calories and fat content. This would be a good substitute because it will not harm your body as it has only less fat. You have to use yogurt and whole milk in equal proportion. You have to keep in low heat while using Greek Yogurt.
  6. Cottage cheese and milk: Cottage cheese and milk can be mixed and used instead of heavy cream. But, you should make sure that you should not allow it to form lumps while making it. You can now mix milk powder with cottage cheese to make an ingredient which is a substitute for heavy cream. If you don’t have milk powder, don’t worry, use skimmed milk instead. This mixture would definitely be a perfect ingredient for your sauce or burgers.
  7. Evaporated milk and Vanilla extract: If your evaporated milk is really cool, it is the time for making a perfect substitute for heavy cream. Mix, chill evaporated milk with vanilla extract. You can use this mixture instead of heavy cream.

These are the perfect substitutes for heavy cream.


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